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👶 5 Reasons Why You Should Collect and Store Your Breast Milk

22 Aug 2022 0 Comments
I know when I had my first baby I had a great supply of milk and I was going though a couple of boxes a week of breast pads. Not sure exactly what I was throwing out but it felt like I would have had enough to keep another baby well fed!
Do you ever wonder how much milk you are throwing away with your breast pads?
What I didn’t realise that there were so many alternate uses for breast milk until I had my second child. She had conjunctivitis early on and research led for me to discover breast milk was a great natural healer.
Breast milk contains antibodies that help fight off viruses and bacteria. It has amazing healing power and the best part is that it's completely FREE!

Here are 5 uses of breast milk that you may have not known about.

1. Apply to sore or cracked nipples.

A study has found that when applying breast milk to sore and cracked nipples, healing time was faster than using lanolin cream.

2. Treating cuts or sores.

Breast milk has natural antiseptic properties, which can be applied on minor cuts or sores to reduce burning and stinging. The antibody IgA prevents germs from forming on the wound and helps speed up the healing process. Apply the breast milk with cotton wool and allow it to fully dry.

3. Cradle Cap

Rubbing breast milk into your baby’s head can help clear up cradle cap. Just rub into the scalp consistently over a few days and you will start to see an improvement.

4. Nappy Rash

Research has proven that breast milk is just as effective at reducing nappy rash as hydrocortisone 1% cream.

5. Add it to a bath

Breast milk is great for moisturising dry or sensitive skin. Just mix enough in the bath until it becomes a bit cloudy for maximum benefit.
Now I know you’re thinking these are great ideas but I just don’t want get my electric or manual pump out. I’ll have to sit there for another 10-20 minutes after a feed just to get a little bit extra milk to keep. It’s not worth it!
We know that! I hated pumping. It was time consuming and it made me feel like a dairy cow!
There were times when I had to do it, which I could accept, but to do it more than was needed was an inconvenience and I would avoid it like the plague.
That’s when I thought there has to be an easier way.

So we came up with two breast milk saving products, our Silicone Breast Pump and our Breast Milk Collection Shells. Both require no pumping and take no extra time to use and some mums catch more milk per day than they would pumping.
Here are some of the results our customers are getting with our products.
Josephine said "For weeks I thought I had an insufficient milk supply but it turns out I was losing 70-90mL of milk into nursing pads, from the non-feeding side, every time I nursed! I've gone from thinking I had to do formula top ups to having surplus breast milk."
Carla said ‘I can't believe just how much milk I was wasting into breast pads. I am now saving 90ml of excess milk in my Mumasil Silicone Breast Milk Saver & that is just from one breast whilst I'm breastfeeding my son on the other side.’
Carly said ‘Have been able to collect up to 140ml milk each day that otherwise would have gone to waste.’
Whether you are just looking to save some extra milk to use for your bub, or to harness the healing power like we mentioned above, there are plenty of benefits to collecting your breast milk.
You may need to return to work soon and want to build up your frozen supply, or you just want to have enough in the freezer for an emergency, our products are becoming essential for all breastfeeding mums due to their ease of use and convenience.
To learn more about our products be sure to visit our product page
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